Hi! I am Tom, a self employed Application / Linux engineer who likes to nerd around in his home… Playing around with Linux and stuff, just for fun.

Since 1998 I have been working in various sectors like engineering, energy, government and actively in a geological environment.
Currently my focus lies within the Dev Ops culture.
Thinking, building, gluing it all together to create a continuous development/deployment infrastructure. Automating server configurations with Ansible, Puppet to build environments in minutes instead of days.

Back in the days i spend hours typing various codes on my commodore 64 to get a twirling star around the TV screen.
That was the moment when IT got my. Learning Dos, Windows, Linux, OS2, AS400 and lots of others systems. Still loving to find whats more to come!

In my spare time, I love to ride MTB trails or a long ride on the race-bike or just having fun with the wife and kids.

Like to get in touch? just send my a message

‘ If you done it twice, it needs to be automated! ‘